Sometimes having a mouth does not always mean you are allowed to use it.  Or at worst you are instructed ; how, when, where and why you should use your mouth. The above is very popular especially in society if you are both black and womxn.

Perhaps this is why as a student journalist I wanted to start a blog, beyond its academic purpose. I wanted to feel like I finally have a voice, in this very loud and deaf society that only listens to hear itself speak.  Hence the title “SILENT WOMXN”, this title comes from a place of frustration and utter irritation. Especially the sympathy black womxn are welcomed with, we are either the definition of pain or promiscuity.  And this is normalized as if this is the purpose of our existence.  Black womxn are diminished to the sex between their thighs… and we are tired.

We are exhausted of having to constantly defend our existence to people who only notice our bodies and forget our names.

We know how tell OUR OWN stories.

We do exist outside of your negative connotations.We have names too!

We know how happiness feels like in our own skins and on our tongues.

We do not just make love but we are  the very definition of love!

This blog serves as a mouth piece even for those who have forgotten how to use their voices.

This is why it is important for not just student journalist to have blogs but for womxn within this field, to express their OWN opinions outside of those that have already been manufactured.